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Enjoy a FREE online visit from your favourite Smile Serenaders

Happy Call participants receive a personal video or phone call from two Smile Serenaders to chat, sing and dance. Participants are encouraged to sing along and request their favourite songs! 


Sign up or nominate a senior or group of seniors for a Happy Call by clicking here to e-mail. 


Specify preferred day and time of the week.


Let us know if you prefer a phone or video call and we will set it up.


Sing, dance, and chat with the Serenaders!


Aliya & Lizzie

Aliya & Lizzie can’t wait to chat you up! Whether you need a cheery song or good conversation, these gals would love to connect with you. They have some great dance tunes on deck and always love your requests too! Give them a call for guaranteed laughter and fun.. they’ll talk to you soon!

Aliya & Lizzie 2.jpg
brynn & cass 4.jpg

Brynn & Cassandra

Brynn and Cassandra are just waiting by the phone to call you! These two girls have the gift of gab, and are always ready to discuss the latest gossip, your life story, your favourite pastimes, all the places you've traveled, and all the bands you have seen - and, as two girls who grew up on Islands on the East Coast of Canada, they sure know how to talk about the weather! Every phone call with Brynn & Cassandra is a kitchen party waiting to be had. They'll bring the jigs and the reels, and any other songs you want to hear. You can kick up your feet and relax, or get up and dance and sing along! Their favourite music ranges from the Beatles to Elvis to classic show tunes - anything you want to hear (or sing along with) makes them happy! They just have one question to ask... can they have your number?


Feeling for a great vibe or even a party? Call your party King, Travae!! Travae is so excited to have the best time with you! He specializes in sharing laughs, fun stories, and songs filled with good vibes. He'll take you on any journey that you long to go on with his music variety! He'll take you to a tropical island with some cool reggae tunes. He'll bring you back in time with some sweet old-school tunes! He'll give you a much-needed laugh with a funny story and he's ready to party with you at any time! Travae loves to spread and receive joy so what are you waiting for? Give the party King a call!



Kihanna is ready gab, chat, converse, and everything in between! Kihanna is excited to learn all about your week, your family, and your favourite pet! What's that? You want to sing a song? Well Kihanna has got you covered. From Johnny Cash, to musical theatre Kihanna is ready to sing you your favourite song and laugh along with you! So what are you waiting for? Let's get chatting!


I hope you brought your napkins folks, cuz you’ll be spilling the T with Russel all afternoon.  Whether you’re into the Tragically Hip or the tragically Humperdinck, Russ can’t wait to make some music with you, have a laugh, or lend an ear if ya just need someone to listen. A Hamilton local, and lover of adventures, Russel is always excited to hear a new story, or learn a new song, and can’t wait to have you on the other end of that line sometime soon.

Russel 5.jpg


Taurian is so excited to be apart of the Smile Serenaders gang and can’t wait to chat with you!

He’s got an arsenal of jokes at his disposal that are sure to make you chuckle until the cows come home! He’s laid back and loves a good cup of coffee or tea…as a barista, he may just be able to help you find your new favourite drink! He’s got a great listening ear and loves to hear about all of the adventures you’ve been on (and he knows you’ve got lots of them, you wild one, you!)

Whether you’re itching for a blast from the past, or a cool new tune off the radio, this guy has got you covered! He loves tunes from the 70’s & 80’s and wishes he could have torn it up on the boogie-tastic dance floor, but, is a true Broadway boy at heart! A chat with Taurian is sure to brighten up your day - it’s a time to relax, unwind, and throw your cares away (AND he can rhyme too!)


He’s got just one thing to say: “What are you waiting for!? Give me a call today!”


Haneul (he/him) is excited to sing you a song! In fact, he will most often ask you what song or artist YOU like the most and try to sing something on the spot! And if he doesn't know the song, he learns it for the next time he calls! Deal? Isn't that exciting? Give Smile a call!

Haneul 2_edited.jpg
smile 6 Katherine_Norris_edited.jpg


Katherine can’t wait to meet you!  As someone who comes from a big family on the East Coast she always has many stories to tell and can’t wait to hear some of your own. She will want to learn all about you and what makes you tick, sing some Patsy Cline songs, and talk non-stop about her beloved dog Ripley (who is helping her write this as we speak!). Sharing cheesy, heartfelt moments with you is what she is passionate about, and she looks forward to learning your favourite songs and performing some of her favourites for you.

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