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about Us

The Smile Company is a registered charity that for over 50 years has existed to enrich the lives of seniors in care by presenting meaningful, well-crafted, professional musical theatre performances created just for them. We offer innovative programming and resources for care workers and family members, to animate interactions with loved ones in Long-Term Care, Retirement Homes, Seniors' Active Living Centres, Rehabilitation Centres and Mental Health Facilities.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Smile continues to reach isolated communities during a time where connection is most essential. As we must do our part in keeping those most vulnerable safe through physical distancing, The Smile Company’s online offerings continue to provide these positive and essential experiences. Our current free of charge programming includes:


The Smile Playlist 

A weekly online playlist of one-song videos that feature performances by energetic, youthful singers of familiar songs, interwoven with stories and interactive activities, easily accessible by any device - just one click to access a meaningful experience on your visit with your loved one. 


Happy Calls 

A lively phone call or video chat with two friendly performers. Participants receive a call and have a relaxed conversation and songs sung just for them. Requests and singing along are welcomed and encouraged!


Online Serenades

Join a group of animated young singers, live from your very own computer, for singing, chatting, and dancing. Spend a fun and relaxed time sharing music and stories together, always with lots of fun and energy.


Online Touring Shows

Enjoy an accessible and engaging digital performance with your loved one. A growing roster of performances created specifically for seniors living in care.

Meet The Team


Tom Carson

Executive Director


Stephanie Kalisky

Performance Bookings and Office Manager

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Brynn Cutcliffe


Jodie Edmunds


Aliya Hamid


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Eudes La Roche-Francoeur


Hailey Lewis


Cassandra McCarthy


Russel Niessen


Lizzie Song


Travae Williams